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Featuring: Dr. Brown's Sodas!

Barnacle Bill embarked on a journey to Dutch Harbor, Alaska for the opening of the Bristol Bay Red King Crab Season to purchase and arrange shipping of FABULOUS ALASKAN RED KING CRAB to both restaurants in Sarasota Florida. This true Bering Sea King Crab is the finest in the world. It is packed exclusively for Barnacle Bill's restaurants and meets Barnacle Bill's specifications - full meat fill and fresh water process.

The crab is landed at the Westward processing plant in Dutch Harbor, Alaska from the crabber F/V North Sea and processed within hours for shipment to Barnacle Bill's Seafood restaurants in Sarasota, Florida.

Appetizer 1/2 Pound: $25.99

Dinner, One Pound: $48.99

Full Cluster Dinner 1 1/2 Pounds or more: Market Price